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Manufacturing and Operations

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Controlling cost of goods sold is becoming an ever-increasing priority for companies in today’s competitive global environment. Often times, saving a dollar of cost yields far more to the bottom line than an additional dollar of sales. Improving productivity of the labor force, maximizing production and creating efficient operational processes without sacrificing quality is simply "table stakes" for companies with manufacturing floors, distribution centers and field operations. Our lean approach to improving operational processes focuses on removing waste and creating value to yield profitable and sustainable businesses.

Call us when:

  • Costs are escalating and margins are decreasing.
  • Balancing maintenance needs and concerns are in conflict with throughput.
  • Manufacturing productivity has stalled and needs to be restarted quickly.
  • Production line and product profitability point toward downsizing or closing of manufacturing facilities.
  • Market conditions and competition are forcing the rationalization of the manufacturing network.
  • The make versus buy and insource versus outsource questions are not easily answered and have too many variables.
  • Relying on disjointed systems and processes to run operations is getting in the way of delivering to customers on time and on cost.
  • You are experiencing pain with scheduling, inventories, work-in-process, quality or analytics on the manufacturing floor or between the support function and manufacturing.

At A&M, our experienced group of professionals works with you to solve difficult operational issues.  We drive rapid outcomes through a lean approach, to produce bottom-line results.

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