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A&M Conversation With - What's next for healthcare?

Dr. David Gruber sits down with Managing Directors Peter Urbanowicz and John Cox to discuss the House of Representatives AHCA vote that has now moved on to the Senate. What will this mean for the future of healthcare?
Business Intelligence

How to Deal with Auditors: Getting Ahead of Sampling Problems in Sales & Use Tax Audits

When a company is undergoing a sales and use tax audit, the use of sampling procedures by the auditor can be daunting and can sometimes result in unplanned difficulties for the company. It is extremely important to get ahead of the game and to ensure that the use of sampling procedures does not inadvertently create undue problems for the company.
Business Intelligence

SARS and the Onboarding Process: A&M's Michael Carter Featured in "ACAMS Today"

One indicator of risky behavior within financial institutions, is an increase in Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) filings. Over the past 3 years, identification-related SAR filings have decreased for financial institutions, but have sharply increased for the higher-risk, less regulated money servicing businesses, securities firms and financing companies.