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Why Partner with A&M?

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Why Partner With A&M
What Is A&M Looking For
Do You Qualify As A Small Business

A&M created its Small Business Program as a way to formally partner with best-in-class Small Businesses and develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.


Mentorship: More than just a partner, A&M will act as a mentor to select Small Businesses.

Training: Enhancing the technical know-how, business skills, and best practices through both formal and informal training.

Networking: A&M-hosted events give Small Businesses opportunities to network with A&M’s professionals, other industry partners, and other Small Businesses.  

Access: Small Business partners have access to A&M’s senior leaders and their expertise, enabling substantive discussions on latest trends, practices and innovations in the marketplace.



Build Strategic Partnerships: Cultivate strong, mutually beneficial relationships with quality Small Business partners.

Enhance A&M’s Depth of Capabilities: Team with Small Businesses with complementary capabilities to augment A&M’s experience and expertise, and to strengthen proposal responses and project work.

Strengthen Reputation: Develop a strong reputation as a Small Business mentor and become the leading go-to firm for Small Businesses.



Online Portal: Allows Small Businesses to register with A&M by creating a company profile that highlights their capabilities, experience and contact information.

Liaison: Internal A&M employee who serves as the point of contact and advocates internally on behalf of Small Businesses.

Resources: Online resources available to registered Small Businesses listing everything from current opportunities to training resources.