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What Is A&M Looking For?

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Why Partner With A&M
What Is A&M Looking For
Do You Qualify As A Small Business

Identifying Small Businesses that fit the criteria below offers A&M a network of capable and qualified firms that we can call upon for any given applicable project.


A&M is looking to partner with high-quality Small Businesses that bring specific expertise and whose standards and commitments to their clients meets those of A&M’s.

Compatible Core Values and Ethics

A&M’s core values of Integrity, Quality, Objectivity, Fun, and Personal Reward, influence everything we do. Partnering with Small Businesses that share and embrace similar values is critical to ensuring a successful, long-term relationship.

Complementary Capabilities

Team with Small Businesses with specific expertise different than that of A&M to augment our capabilities as a team.

Improved Capture and Proposal Development

Leverage each other’s knowledge of client environments and requirements, thereby creating more client-centric, compelling, and competitive proposals.