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Developing sustainable higher education institutions

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Charting courses for institutional sustainability and success.

Identifying sustainable financial and operational solutions.
Higher education institutions need to thoroughly evaluate their unique capabilities, mission and market. We provide leadership support, advisory services and fact-based analysis to support the development of near-term and long-term strategies for sustainability.

Stabilizing distressed institutions.
We provide critical assistance to underperforming institutions that are in crisis, as well as healthy institutions with underperforming schools or divisions. Working directly with leadership, we stabilize and improve financial and operational performance.

Implementing fact-based performance improvement opportunities.
We improve operations and student engagement through analysis and improvement of degree cost, voice-of-the-student analysis, mission alignment and performance.

Utilizing technology to drive innovation.
We advise on how to select, implement and secure learning and support solutions to enhance the delivery of education and business operations.

Supporting academic medical centers.
We help academic medical centers to improve operational performance and enhance clinical outcomes.

Managing strategic partnerships to attract and serve students, staff and communities.
We add significant value for clients through a focus on asset management, public-private partnerships, student housing and development initiatives, and performance improvement.

Providing critical tax advisory services.
The Internal Revenue Service recently studied college and university compliance with tax laws and assessed millions of dollars in fines and penalties. We navigate compliance and identify opportunities to improve future strategies.