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Income Tax Accounting

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Evolving regulatory requirements and tightening closing schedules demand ever increasing accuracy and efficiency in the global tax provision process. Simultaneously, constant tax law changes worldwide present an additional challenge to expanding multinational entities. A&M Taxand provides comprehensive tax accounting solutions.  We employ highly reliable and proven techniques to ensure you consistently meet the challenges inherent in the global tax provision process.

We advise entities in all aspects of tax accounting:

  • Outsourcing: Preparation for quarterly and annual reporting for both SEC registrants and private entities.
  • Transactional: Oversee tax accounting aspects of complex transactions, including IPO readiness, acquisitions, corporate restructurings, restatements, and post-bankruptcy fresh start accounting.
  • Specific Technical Issues: Analysis and documentation for specific matters such as tax basis balance sheets, valuation allowance, accounting for uncertain tax positions, and share-based payments.
  • Process Risk Mitigation: Review of an entity’s tax accounting processes and internal controls for assessing risk and remediation actions.

Simplifying Complexity

We explain complex global tax provision issues with clarity and specificity.  Our streamlined analysis expedites the review process and provides a valuable financial tool for company management.

Proven Processes

Our team of tax accounting professionals has developed effective processes to provide timely and precise execution. Our approach is designed to ensure continuous communication throughout the provision cycle.

Integrated Global Support

With the support of our integrated Taxand global network, we keep you informed of the upcoming tax law and accounting changes.

Independent Advisors

We offer a comprehensive full-service tax accounting solution, as we are not limited by audit-related restrictions.