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Intellectual property: Address IP damages, valuation and audits

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When addressing patent infringement claims (as the patentee or the accused infringer) or other intellectual property (IP) damage claims, you need expert assistance, not on-the-job training. Our professionals have long track records of success with expert testimony at trial, royalty audits and IP asset valuations.

We build a solid foundation to advance appropriate damages positions.

We evaluate sensitive IP issues including market definition, demand, smallest saleable unit, sufficiently comparable license agreements, alternatives, capacity, profitability directly related to actual damages and reasonable royalty determinations. 

A&M offers various IP valuation and litigation services including:

  • Quantifying or rebutting economic damages involving lost profits and reasonable royalties in patent and other IP disputes
  • Considering price erosion, unjust enrichment, market definition, anti-competitive conduct and diminution of value
  • Determining defendants’ profits and other Lanham Act remedies in trademark, trade secrets and design patent disputes, and evaluating apportionment as appropriate
  • Quantifying or rebutting economic damages resulting from breach of license agreements, copyright and trademarks disputes, and theft of trade secrets 
  • Considering and reporting on the presence of harm / irreparable harm
  • Providing privileged consulting and expert testimony