A&M Modeling Tool

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A&M is equipped to assist clients in planning for potential tax reform using its modeling tool:
How it Works
  • The model runs off approximately 20 inputs that should be easily accessible or estimated.
  • The model offers flexibility for all current proposals, allowing users to independently select, adjust, or turn off provisions from each plan.
Post-Reform Planning Toggles
  • Our model can be customized for Clients to apply different types of natural planning techniques in response to specific tax reform provisions.
  • For example, if interest deductions are lost in the US, the model can be adjusted to allow an analysis of the benefit of moving debt to foreign subsidiaries.
Macroeconomic Toggles
  • Clients are also able to estimate the simultaneous impact of changes in certain macroeconomic conditions (such as the relative USD value, cost of capital, changes in demand, etc.) and evaluate how each of those factors may offset or exaggerate the impact on their global earnings.

If you are interested in this model and would like a demo, please call or email us!

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