Welcome to the A&M Tax Minute, designed to provide insights to executives in the Technology sector.
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We know what drives you: applying complex tax rules to a rapidly changing industry. We share your passion. Having served many businesses in this industry over the years, we are proud to be in this high-skill and high-challenge environment with you, and we are eager to share what we've learned with our fellow industry mates.

Look to us to help improve your awareness of the challenges you have faced or might face in the future, and the solutions we've seen applied. With short and frequent pieces, you will see a stream of our most cutting edge thinking and experience. Accelerate your ability to identify the issues you will face and know how to solve them, that's our goal.

With potential game-changing US tax reform on the horizon, we will start our series focusing on the many related questions affecting technology companies. You will learn more about what's at stake for your company from potential tax reform, how you fare compared to other technology companies, how to get your organization prepared for the potential impact.

We hope you enjoy our new series. We want your feedback! Please reach out to any member of our technology tax team.

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The IRS Releases Their Hotlist of “Burdensome Tax Regulations"

In the midst of an administration that has been mired in legislative setbacks on both healthcare and tax reform (among various other “distractions”), President Trump has largely relied on the executive order to further his agenda thus far in Washington, D.C.

Be Prepared for a 10-Year Corporate Tax Rate Reduction

As we near the midpoint of the year, those keeping a watchful eye on the mixed signals from Capitol Hill on tax reform may be growing skeptical at the prospect of any plan making it through both chambers of Congress by the end of the year. However, with midterm elections coming up in 2018, the GOP’s incentive (perhaps desperation) to demonstrate it can actually pass important legislation before then is nearing an all-time high.