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November 13, 2017

Our firm has a reputation for asking tough questions, digging into complex problems and being action-oriented, so it’s easy to understand why some veterans have selected A&M as their professional place of choice.

Last week, in recognition of Veteran’s Day and in honor of veterans’ service, we connected with employees who self- identified their military service. We asked each veteran to describe how their military service has impacted their personal and professional lives. 21 A&M veteran leaders – 11 from the Army, four from the Air Force, three from the Marine Corps., one from the Coast Guard and one from the Navy – crafted responses detailing their experiences and insights that were featured on A&M’s social media channels November 6-11.

What’s become increasingly apparent, is that alongside our country, our clients and our firm reap the benefits of A&M veterans’ service. We uncovered five distinct behaviors that our veteran leaders embody and that enhance our A&M culture. These virtues have helped shape who we are as a firm and continue to influence how we service our clients moving forward.

1. Selflessness

When “mission critical” client needs arise, we strive to provide rapid, accurate and impactful reactions. These client needs often trump the needs of oneself – and few know how to put a mission first better than veterans.

No matter how much technology can be applied to a problem, at the end of the day, it’s people who make tough decisions and move the needle forward. Our veterans shared their experiences making tough decisions, and in each story, they prioritized the objectives – and the needs of their comrades – above themselves. The willingness to “do what it takes” is extremely valuable to our clients and to the way we approach and solve difficult situations.

2. Pride

In our company’s ranks, we have proud third generation soldiers – men and women who enlisted in an effort to preserve their family’s legacy. At A&M, we’re also proud of where we came from. From just a few employees in 1983, to over 3,000 employees now, our firm strives to leave a lasting legacy.

We are honored to have leaders that think strategically and make decisions based on long-term objectives. With veterans across all of our business units, we cultivate a culture of excellence that can withstand the test of time.

3. Fortitude

It’s no secret that preparation for service in the military can be physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. Many veterans we spoke to, however, credit this part of their service for much of their professional success. The in-depth training that is received in the military – both technical and tactical – allows veterans to be fast learners and strong leaders in professional and client settings.

In challenging environments, our firm depends on our veterans to seek out answers to complex questions, then employ a deeply-rooted skillset in order to solve the problem. It’s this type of mental toughness that delivers meaningful results, time and time again.

4. Adaptability

Soldiers are trained to act quickly and decisively. They are also trained to remain calm and rational, even in the most turbulent situations.

When our clients are undergoing a crisis, the “target” can shift, personnel can change and resources can fluctuate. As such, our consultants are expected to accommodate for adversity regardless of the engagement. Our veteran leaders combine their sense of urgency with rational approaches to problem solving. They have a bias for action, and they execute because of it.

5. Deference

Veterans humbly submit to the call of duty. They come from different backgrounds and gain experience dealing with people from all walks of life. We heard from many veterans who cited “servant leadership” as a key part of their personal philosophy. They described it as the concept that one should never ask a person to do a task you yourself would not willingly execute.

At A&M, we celebrate those who treat their peers with respect, deferentially yield to the mission and act like a leader. Our veteran leaders strive to make themselves and their teammates better.

These shared traits of our veterans help to make our firm great. 

Thank you for your service to our nation and our firm:

·       Andrew McCulloch, Marine Corps

·       Benjamin Taylor, Navy and Navy Reserve

·       Bill Roberti, Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserves

·       Brady Willis, Marine Corps

·       Brian Stanley, Coast Guard

·       Carter Reue, Navy and current Commander in the Navy Reserve

·       Christopher Page, Army and currently serving in the Army Reserve

·       Conor Browne, Army Officer

·       David Dufendach, Air Force

·       Eric Boyer, Army Infantry

·       Gregory Nelson, Air Force

·       Joe Gardemal, Army, Bronze Star and Iraq Campaign Medal recipient

·       Larry Iwanski, Army and current COL in the Army Reserve

·       Michael Carter, Army Infantry

·       Paul Musselman, Army Special Forces

·       Richard Moore III, Marine Corps

·       Robert Koczo, Air Force, Air Traffic Controller

·       Scott Colcord, Army, Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) - Aviation Branch

·       Thomas Brander, Air Force, E4 Sergeant

·       Thomas Stamulis, Army, Army Reserves and Army National Guard

·       Waseem Bawa, Army, 82nd Airborne Division


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