TRCG’s Tomas Nally and Andrew Murrell appointed as Alvarez & Marsal Taxand Managing Directors
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January 9, 2018

Houston Alvarez & Marsal Taxand, LLC (A&M Taxand), an affiliate of leading global professional services firm Alvarez & Marsal (A&M), announces the addition of Houston-based TRCG Advisors, a firm recognized for its tax credit and incentives transaction expertise.  Effective December 31, 2017, this addition aligns with A&M Taxand’s forward-looking growth strategy while providing the opportunity to scale its R&D tax credit expertise and expand its Houston presence.

TRCG Advisors’ Tomas Nally and Andrew Murrell join A&M Taxand as Managing Directors. Collectively, 13 TRCG Advisors professionals will become part of the A&M Taxand team.

Founded in 2009, TRCG Advisors has provided small and mid-market companies with best-in-class service for planning and claiming tax credits and incentives, namely federal and state Research & Development Tax Credits, Cost Segregation Studies, 179D projects, and specialized tax incentive projects. TRCG Advisors’ comprehensive approach to improve efficiency, identify savings and capture a high-value suite of tax incentives is consistent with A&M Taxand’s method for maximizing value for clients.

The TRCG team joins A&M Taxand’s Research Credits & Incentives Services (“RCIS”) team, resulting in a combined RCIS practice consisting of four highly experienced Managing Directors and a total of 20 professionals.

“TRCG Advisors’ joining A&M Taxand is a complete win-win for our clients,” said Ernie Perez, Managing Director and Global Practice Leader of Alvarez & Marsal Taxand.  “Their professionals enhance our existing R&D tax credit expertise, a knowledge base we’ve been looking to expand to better serve our clients. The result is a strong strategic partnership that supports our commitment to meeting clients’ evolving needs.”   

The team of seasoned professionals from TRCG Advisors brings a breadth of experience and industry knowledge on tax credit issues. Their expertise in the R&D Tax Credit, Qualified Small Business R&D Payroll Tax Credit, IC-DISC, and state and local credits and incentives compliments A&M Taxand’s full suite of Research, Credits & Incentives Services (RCIS).

“We look forward to joining with A&M Taxand and seamlessly uniting our respective expertise and capabilities,” said Tom Nally. “The combination of A&M Taxand’s vast talent and resources in specialized tax services, along with our experienced and dedicated team, will greatly benefit and add value for our clients and stakeholders.”

“It’s an exciting time to join A&M Taxand and to become part of a growing and dynamic team,” added Andrew Murrell. “We’re most proud to be part of a highly reputable firm that shares our core values and will be a cultural fit for us and our clients.”

About Alvarez & Marsal Taxand
Alvarez & Marsal Taxand, LLC, an affiliate of Alvarez & Marsal (A&M), a leading global professional services firm, is an independent tax group made up of experienced tax professionals dedicated to providing customized tax advice to clients and investors across a broad range of industries. Its professionals extend A&M’s commitment to offering clients a choice in advisors who are free from audit-based conflicts of interest, and bring an unyielding commitment to delivering responsive client service. A&M Taxand has offices in major metropolitan markets throughout the U.S., and serves the U.K. from its base in London.

Alvarez & Marsal Taxand is a founder of Taxand, the world’s largest independent tax organization, which provides high quality, integrated tax advice worldwide. Taxand professionals, including almost 400 partners and more than 2,000 advisors in nearly 50 countries, grasp both the fine points of tax and the broader strategic implications, helping you mitigate risk, manage your tax burden and drive the performance of your business.

About Alvarez & Marsal
Companies, investors and government entities around the world turn to Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) when conventional approaches are not enough to make change and achieve results. Privately held since its founding in 1983, A&M is a leading global professional services firm that provides advisory, business performance improvement and turnaround management services.

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