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U.S. Communities

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Alvarez & Marsal's Public Sector Services consulting group is an official supplier of U.S. Communities, the leading national government purchasing cooperative. U.S. Communities is open to states, state agencies, counties, cities, schools, colleges and universities, non-profit organizations and special districts. A&M Public Sector Services is committed to providing participating U.S. Communities agencies with the most cost-effective pricing while delivering unparalleled results.

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Public Sector Consultants - Driving Innovative Fiscal and Operational Solutions
A&M goes beyond providing recommendations. We work with a range of state and city offices and agencies, municipalities, health and human services departments, and state and local education authorities to design and implement reforms. A&M’s solutions drive financial, budget and process improvements, support efficient and effective management of government, not for profit and education organizations and programs. Our projects maximize financial, human capital and other resources to transform programs and institute fiscal control.

Our experienced leaders serve in critical management roles on an as-needed basis and testify on behalf of clients to legislatures, boards and executives. Whether the mission involves creating a government efficiency initiative, redesigning an ineffective Medicaid system or reevaluating a school’s budget to invest in student achievement, A&M brings a sense of urgency to every situation, a pragmatic, hands-on approach and a relentless focus on execution, accountability and results. Our services enable government entities, organizations and leaders to solve complex problems, to improve performance, to maximize value for citizens and produce a social impact.

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John Cox, Program Executive
(+1) 202-729-2125


Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) - U.S. Communities - John Rust
John Rust, National Account Manager
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Andre Solot, Lead Referral Contact
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Public Sector CFO Services (pdf)
A&M provides today’s CFOs with leadership, action and results for their evolving needs.

Public Sector Fiscal and Operational Solutions (pdf)
Government and public organizations face increasing pressure to streamline operations and reduce costs, while simultaneously enhancing services and delivery.

Public Sector Solutions Case Studies (pdf)
Examples of where A&M has leveraged our operations experience to uncover opportunities for governmental and corporate organizations.

Social Sector
A&M serves as a trusted partner to nonprofit leaders who seek to maximize the social impact of every dollar they invest.

Technology Services
After 30 years of resolving some of the most urgent challenges in business history, we’ve honed critical expertise that clients at all levels of health can use to achieve rapid results.