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Merger Integration

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A&M Taxand supports clients as they mitigate M&A underperformance and the associated risks with integration. Our team works to reduce any disruption an integration can have on your business. Tax is a key component to successful integration. From pre-deal to post close, we collaborate with cross functional teams, including legal, HR and finance to plan and execute on the plan. 

Our services include:

  • Tax due diligence to identify exposures and / or issues impacting post-merger integration
  • Quantify tax costs associated with operational integration and legal entity rationalization
  • Identify potential tax planning strategies to deliver mid-term and long term cash flow and working capital improvements
  • Identify tax contingencies which require disclosure through purchase accounting (i.e., reserves)
  • Identify, evaluate and quantify deferred tax assets and liabilities to be recorded during purchase accounting
  • Assess existing tax compliance processes and provide recommendations to lower costs and improve efficiencies during post-merger integration
  • Develop a tax reporting and compliance calendar
  • Identify tax costs and contingencies which may impact synergy capture and develop work-arounds to maintain synergies
  • Model cash taxes, effective tax rate and cash tax rate estimated to result from post-merger operational and legal entity integration
  • Review legal and financial documentation necessary to execute post-merger integration operational and legal entity rationalization planning
  • Provide tax compliance and tax audit support
  • Monitor cash tax cost modeling against actual operational results to identify / measure synergy capture
  • Provide interim tax department resources to support smooth integration process
  • Provide tax compliance services to assist with the clean-up of target tax filings due post-closing