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What would you build if you started with a clean sheet of paper?

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Over time, even great organizations with top-notch people, sound processes and good tools can devolve into a cumbersome, consensus-driven bureaucracy with a tangled web of outdated, disconnected technology solutions.

Clients call us when they need to implement step-change, sustainable cost reductions that will leave their organizations leaner, stronger and more agile in order to compete in a disrupted environment and fuel future growth.

In addition, specific events can trigger the need for an objective perspective of a company’s performance, such as:

  • Missed earning projections
  • Lackluster topline growth
  • Performance gaps versus competitors or the industry
  • Financial report restatements or investigations

Starting with a comprehensive, bottom-up assessment, we identify a portfolio of high impact opportunities to improve EBITDA and cash flow across the enterprise, ranging from quick wins to the ‘tough calls’ that deliver transformational results.

Our services include:

  • Bottom-up Assessment
  • Quantified EBITDA / Cash Improvements
  • Rapid Results / 100-Day Improvement Plan
  • Organizational Redesign and Management Architecture
  • Downsizing international business units and operations