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Provide timely insights based on trusted data

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When financially-focused processes are integrated and utilized throughout the organization, the transparency and clarity around financial goals helps drive highly coordinated actions, which ultimately lead to improved performance of finance and the enterprise as a whole.

The A&M approach is about more than just providing reporting software. We focus on both process improvement and organizational alignment. Our experienced teams support clients at all stages of maturity — whether you are just beginning your foray into more sophisticated reporting or are deep into software implementation, we bring the experience you need to accelerate results.

Call us when:

  • You know you need to improve the accuracy and timeliness of your reporting and planning capabilities across all functions of the organization, but don’t know where to start.
  • Existing tools cannot support the sophisticated modeling and planning required by your business’s complexity.
  • The budgeting and forecasting process absorbs a lot of time and attention but delivers little business value.
  • You can’t close the books on a timely basis, lack confidence in the quality of your data and reports, and / or your reporting is not providing insights to make timely, fact-based business decisions.
  • You don’t have the resources or experience to quickly execute on your integrated performance management initiative.

Core services include:

  • Vision and Roadmap Strategy Development
  • Process Improvement
    • Strategic Modeling and Planning
    • Budgeting and Forecasting
    • Reporting and Analytics
  • Financial Systems Evaluation and Selection 
  • Technology Implementation Advisory