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October 16, 2020

Acquisition integrations are often a source of significant HR-related challenges that have long-lasting impact. With management’s attention focused on the commercial and financial aspects of the transaction, the complexity of tasks and effort required to integrate compensation programs and HR-systems integrations is often overlooked. Although the compensation programs and structures of the target and the buyer may not always be viewed as an important consideration in corporate transactions until problems arise, there are significant advantages to considering potential implications and risks, as well as planning opportunities, in advance of the transaction. In this session, A&M’s Managing Directors John Schultz and Brennan Rittenhouse, and Senior Director, Josh Henke, explored some of the most important considerations and some of the most common issues that arise as a result of transactions, as well as practical solutions for solving those issues. These topics include:

  • Understand key areas impacted by compensation programs during a transaction. 
  • Become familiar with the diligence and pre-acquisition planning.
  • Learn about practical solutions and planning opportunities for common issues.
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