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Initially, change often causes tumult. We know this because we are called in to help companies deal with change, whether they are engineering a transformation or tackling distress.

Probably the only certainty of Brexit is that issues will continue to evolve and bring fresh change. And issues we foresee with immediate implications are the weakening pound, a reduced appetite for investment and diminished consumer confidence.  Further down the road, questions of labour mobility and regulatory challenges will surface.

What to do? At A&M we look to leverage change for future opportunity. For this we believe what is required is calm, steady leadership and the ability to think ahead. Action matters. Drawing on skills and experience forged at the coalface of difficult situations is an important resource for managements facing change. This we bring in abundance.

We have hit the ground running. We are deploying our operational lens across industry sectors and a multitude of geographies to give leaders a 360-degree view of what they’ll need, the risks they’ll face and the opportunities that may present themselves in this post-Brexit vote world.

That’s how we work. Helping clients around the world prepare for the Brexit aftermath globally and locally, for both the short-term and the long term gain.

Download this report for our full analysis and findings:
Brexit: An Extraordinary Disruption –  Reflections from the Board Room