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Value Assurance Programs and Institutional Control Programs

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Alvarez & Marsal’s senior real estate experts have extensive experience developing both proactive and reactive real estate dispute solutions for clients nationwide.

Value Assurance Programs:

We develop and administer programs designed to compensate property owners in the event their property sells for less than market value because of perceived or actual effects of contamination in the neighborhood. VAPs are designed to assure owners that the value of their property investment will be protected in circumstances where contamination has occurred or may occur. VAPs are often used to settle property value diminution claims in class action matters in a way that is deemed satisfactory to both sides in the dispute. VAPs can also be effective when established prior to case filing or as early as possible in the litigation.

A&M has the following VAP expertise:

  • Market analysis in the affected and surrounding neighborhoods
  • Program design and testing
  • Public outreach and education
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance and monitoring including tracking and analysis of ongoing market activity while the program is in place
  • Administration including evaluation of claims submitted by program participants

Institutional Control Programs:

We assist clients in achieving regulatory compliance through the use of administrative measures or institutional controls. Our experts can advise clients during every step of the process, including identifying and gathering necessary real property data, identifying relevant property owners, researching market impacts, designing and implementing the program, as well as monitoring and reporting.

A&M has the following ICP expertise:

  • Coordination across key client functional areas, including legal, financial and administrative
  • Communication and education for critical stakeholders including property owners, real estate agents, real estate appraisers, lenders and others
  • Manage program rollout and publicity
  • Administer program and track compliance
  • Mapping and geographic information systems (GIS)