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Real estate performance enhancement: Answers to help you achieve your real estate goals

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We focus on people, process, technology and governance to meet your real estate investment objectives. By asking the right questions, we help define your real estate strategy, identify the best location and use of owned and leased space, and evaluate cost across your portfolio.

Real estate strategy

  • What are the largest line items on your corporate balance sheet? Is real estate among them?
  • How does your corporate strategy align with your approach toward real estate?

Location strategy and analysis

  • How do you know that your real estate and lease locations are optimal for your business?
  • What data do you leverage to assess the performance of owned and leased space?
  • How do you know that you have the right SKUs in the right locations?

Cost take-out / operational improvement

  • Do you have a handle on the total cost of “ownership” for owned and leased space?
  • How do you know if you are spending above, below or on par with your competitors?
  • How do you leverage third-party vendors to drive down cost across your space portfolio?