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Healthcare Transaction Advisory

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Healthcare investments are complex. Our industry expertise delivers the required insights to make the right investment decisions.

A&M’s Healthcare Transaction Advisory team is dedicated to the business of healthcare. Our industry experience and expertise allows us to not only anticipate key financial accounting considerations in a transaction, but also provides context relative to key operational drivers. The result is an informed and quick assessment of deal issues that matter. Our findings are communicated in real-time as they become known and involve senior members of the team.

Most importantly, our financial accounting due diligence professionals partner with A&M’s dedicated healthcare operations, tax, information technology, commercial and human capital due diligence teams to share information, leverage knowledge and report to you in a coordinated and integrated manner.

Our healthcare professionals provide expertise in areas including:

  • Evaluating target revenue and receivable quality
  • Assessing the quality of a target’s earnings, including the identification of non-recurring, out-of-period, non-cash, run-rate, pro forma or other items that impact EBITDA
  • Analyzing the composition of a target’s net working capital and associated trends
  • Understanding the composition of a target’s balance sheet, including the quality of its assets as well as potentially hidden debt-like items
  • Critiquing the quality of financial reporting, controls and systems
  • Identifying key business drivers, trends in profitability and associated risks such as adverse developments and concentration issues.