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Merger & Acquisition

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Within our executive and mergers and acquisitions advisory services, we provide a range of support around Golden Parachutes including:

  • Executive Compensation Disclosures: The SEC requires greater disclosure of executive compensation information. We assist companies in drafting the executive compensation proxy disclosures and quantifying the change in control payments in SEC disclosures.
  • Change in Control Planning: We assist companies in designing and implementing competitive change in control protections, and gauge the potential tax implications of existing agreements to make recommendations for remedial redesigns.
  • Change in Control in Process: When a change in control is underway, we assist with the calculation of the parachute payment and excise tax consequences. Further, we assist with planning opportunities to mitigate the excise tax and lost deduction.
  • Compensation and Benefits Due Diligence: When an M&A transaction is contemplated we advise on retention planning and go-forward compensation structuring, review documentation and assess the obligations related to applicable employee benefits and incentive plans, and inquire about all compensation-related compliance.