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Executive Compensation Services

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We act as an independent, strategic partner that will assist in developing executive compensation plans that will enable your company to attract, motivate and retain key talent. We have extensive experience providing executive compensation consulting services to publicly-traded, privately-held, and not-for-profit organizations. Our objective is to leverage executive compensation to help companies achieve their goals and objectives by aligning the interests of management with the interests of shareholders. As a strategic advisor, we provide the resources, experience, and support to help our clients make informed decisions about executive compensation matters.

Our services include:

  • Executive compensation benchmarking
  • Short-term incentive plan design
  • Long-term incentive plan design
  • Employment agreement drafting and review
  • Deferred compensation plan design and administration
  • Executive compensation philosophy design
  • Compensation & Discussion Analysis drafting
  • Compensation risk analysis
  • Pay for performance analysis
  • Internal Revenue Code section 280G (i.e., “Golden parachute payments”) calculations and analysis
  • Severance agreement drafting and review
  • Share ownership guidelines
  • Accounting & tax considerations
  • Shareholder outreach
  • Institutional advisor analysis