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Technology: Driving a digital and corporate revolution

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The Telecommunications, media and technology (TMT) industry is becoming increasingly convergent. Business that have successfully converged are rewriting the rules, putting pressure on others to change as well. Even digital businesses like Skype, Yahoo and Netflix have been disrupted by advances in technology and increasingly sophisticated consumer behavior.

Cyber success.
Everything you do must improve efficiency and enterprise risk management, turn challenges into opportunities, manage risk and unlock value, to deliver sustainable, robust and implementable growth.

Help desk to the thousandth power.
A&M’s industry leaders have led TMT projects on every major continent. With nearly 50 offices around the world, we can provide you with immediate, on-the-ground support when, where and for as long as you need it.

At A&M we help you gain and maintain the initiative by:

  • Delivering performance improvement
  • Deploying effective systems and platforms to reduce resources and cost
  • Maximizing value from M&A activities
  • Transforming organic and inorganic strategies into winning operating models
  • Utilizing business data for competitive advantage
  • Strengthening corporate governance
  • Optimizing tax strategies and aligning them with corporate responsibilities