Mike Trenouth
Managing Director
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15 years of operational due diligence and performance improvement experience across a wide range of sectors
Specializes in 100-day planning and post-merger integration
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A&M subject matter experts have spent years operating at a high level in key sectors and are invaluable in the due diligence process.
Mike Trenouth is a Managing Director with Alvarez & Marsal in London. He brings 28 years of experience in advising and implementing performance improvement programs for major corporations across a wide range of industry sectors. His primary areas of concentration are operational due diligence, 100-day planning, post-merger integration and performance improvement.

Recent assignments at A&M include Operational Due Diligence (ODD) on a wide range of targets including the UK’s leading challenger to the Royal Mail, a global chemicals manufacturer, a global manufacturer of packaging for the pharmaceutical and food industry, the merger of two of the UK’s leading business services providers, a German-based manufacturer of frozen desserts and a leading UK manufacturer of bread. This ODD work is typically undertaken on conjunction with A&M’s FDD team and also frequently incorporates Tax DD to ensure that the operational work is fully reflected in the FDD findings and critically the identified performance improvement targets are based on validated financial performance information.

Having identified the operational thesis during the ODD process, Mr. Trenouth will typically lead the initial post-acquisition work to ensure that the thesis was realized in full and in the shortest possible time. A detailed and robust methodology has been developed to ensure that in the first 100 days, total clarity and ownership was created throughout the organization, a clear path to delivering the growth and cost reduction developed and the identified quick wins delivered.

Prior to joining A&M, Mr. Trenouth spent eight years as a Partner with L.E.K. Consulting in London. During this period, he led about 40 operational due diligence projects for both private equity and corporate clients. The ODD target companies included Europe’s leading frozen food manufacturer, a major global publishing company, multiple marine safety equipment manufacturers, a wide range of logistics providers and a number of UK and global retailers. This ODD work encompassed the evaluation of both cost reduction and revenue enhancement opportunities.

Prior to joining L.E.K, Mr. Trenouth was a Director at iForce, UK’s leading ecommerce logistics provider. Over a period of four years, under his guidance, the PE-backed business was turned from heavy loss making to sustainable profitability through a combination of operational performance improvement and the winning of several marquee clients including John Lewis Direct, Tesco (reverse logistics) and Boots.

Prior to iForce, Mr. Trenouth spent 10 years building the operational consulting business Celerant. Mr. Trenouth was one of the key architects of Celerant’s growth, from 20 to 800 consultants over seven years, responsible for global Sales and Marketing. Mr. Trenouth was also the head of Celerant’s UK practice and managed a number of key client relationships including ICI, BG Group and BP.

Mr. Trenouth earned a bachelor’s degree (1st class) in chemistry from Bristol University and a doctorate degree in quantum chemistry.