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September 20, 2016

The private healthcare growth story in India has largely been an urban phenomenon, with the proliferation of private hospitals in top-tier towns. This, in many cities, has led to a healthy supply scenario or even an oversupply scenario – catering not only to the city in question but the larger catchment areas beyond the city as well. This dwindling demand-supply gap in urban clusters and increasing private competition is likely to impact the operational and financial performance of private players in the years to come. Managing optimal performance in such a complex and dynamic competitive environment calls for a structured approach towards hospital performance management as opposed to the largely entrepreneurial, intuitive approach adopted by private operators over the last few decades.

A look at the financial performance of leading healthcare organizations in India, both multi and single-specialty, helps underscore the need for more scientific performance management.

Healthcare Performance Improvement
Unlocking value creation opportunities in Indian hospitals
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