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May 13, 2021

The Disclosure Pilot Scheme (DPS) was introduced in 2018 by the Disclosure Working Group (DWG) in response to concerns that the existing framework for document disclosures in legal cases needed a significant overview. The pilot introduced new processes and choices for legal practitioners, and other relevant stakeholders, in an effort to make the disclosure process more “proportionate and efficient” in the words of the DWG.

With the DPS set to run to the end of 2021, we surveyed 250 senior lawyers at U.K. law firms to gauge sentiment on the pilot’s progress so far and to understand what changes, if any, should be made to the scheme based on how it is currently constructed.

The survey results shed light on several key themes that will come into sharper focus as the pilot draws to a close, including;

  • the potential problems in incorporating more models into an already complex process;
  • the importance of incorporating technology and third-party expertise into disclosure procedures; and
  • whether the pilot scheme is currently fit for purpose.

Download the report for full access to the results and findings from the survey. 

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