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Road & Rail

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In an industry where operating margins are historically low and where success frequently hugs the line between profit and loss, the recent downturn in global oil prices should have provided welcome relief. But pressures associated with “going green,” shortages of skilled labor, increased traffic congestion, the exponential growth in home delivery, and high taxes on fuel present you and other road haulers with a new set of challenges.

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The capital- and asset-intensive rail sector is also experiencing a significant period of change, especially in Europe, where you need to balance passenger demand for speedy and efficient service with traditional long-distance freight transport. Increased governmental regulation requires you to collaborate across borders and with other organizations to provide even the most basic services.

Prepared for the long haul.
Our seasoned team works across the road and rail sectors, helping you to overcome these challenges. A&M experts lead and deliver wide-scale transformation programs as interim executives, support you as you optimize and standardize product lifecycle costs, reduce inventory, eliminate obsolescence, and identify new and innovative markets for growth. We also help you to increase asset utilization, eliminate cost inefficiencies, right-size and balance in-house solutions, and establish cost-benefit protocols for home delivery networks. Your success is our success.