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Game-changing solutions for Rx success

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Primed for success.
There are few market sectors where safety, efficacy and pricing are as tightly linked or as highly regulated as pharmaceuticals. Innovation is critical to the development of new products and new strategies. Look to Alvarez and Marsal for the perfect blend of cutting-edge knowledge and proven expertise in M&A support and integration, pricing and salesforce effectiveness, rapid performance improvement, supply chain optimization, cost reduction, and transfer pricing.

R&D meets M&A.
First on your to-do list is to re-invigorate the expensive and lengthy innovation process. While in-house research and development (R&D) will continue to play a key role in your strategy, targeted mergers and acquisitions (M&A) enable you to share risk, create scale and benefit from the creativity and agility of smaller businesses that have new solutions but lack the financial wherewithal to complete the trial and licensing process. Our valuation, carve-out and integration support streamlines and strengthens these transactions.

Pricing made perfect.
Yours is a world of extreme competition and stringent regulations — at every stage of the product lifecycle. This is where A&M’s IT innovation really pays off: advanced pricing analytics, “big data” and the latest modeling techniques that inform your pricing decisions, optimize marketing spend and improve salesforce effectiveness.

Taking the pain out of the supply chain.
To minimize costs and ensure supply-chain integrity, you must collaborate closely with other manufacturers, as well as distributors, retailers and healthcare providers. Once again, innovations in IT, such as pack-level track and trace and cloud-based demand/supply planning capabilities play a critical role in your success.

Our business technology advisers guide you through this complex IT landscape and provide game-changing solutions that drive down your costs and minimize risk. Our proven Rapid Results diagnostic methodology quickly identifies opportunities and provides a pragmatic roadmap that sets you firmly on the road to performance improvement.