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Combat a growing black market.
Because tobacco products are legal, highly taxed, easy to transport and present a high “rewards to risk” ratio, illicit distribution channels develop very quickly. Retail price differentials between markets incentivize the cross-border flow of legitimate tobacco products, resulting in lost revenue. In addition, a global industry has grown up around the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit tobacco products that sell for a fraction of the price of duty-paid products and offer huge profit opportunities for their manufacturers and distributors.

The power of the law.
What is clear is that, without strong enforcement, the illicit sector will continue to flourish. Responsible bodies, such as the WHO and international law enforcement agencies, are rightly focused on the issue.

Global innovation, global solutions.
A&M helps you meet this serious international problem head-on. Our motivated and experienced teams build advanced cloud-based supply-chain-integrity solutions, help you adopt the types of pack-level item coding now being implemented for pharmaceuticals in North America and the EU, design and implement successful risk management and reporting systems, and use “big data” and advanced predictive analytics to help anticipate and intercept illegal shipments. Score one for the good guys.

Report: Causes and control of illicit tobacco