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Improve performance and achieve solid bottom-line results

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Let’s turn things around.
Many of today’s companies are outsourcing everything but their core services. But that may not be good news. Your management team may be overloaded just organizing day-to-day operations, mired in today’s problems and without the energy or resources to take the long view.

Support when and where you need it most.
Our small teams of senior managers and specialists are the best in their fields. We hone in on the issues critical for your future success, develop rigorous plans to improve performance, and achieve solid bottom-line results. We’ve partnered with a wide range of sub-sectors and organizations: satellite management, helicopter maintenance and communications networks, to name just a few. Your business becomes our business; your success, our success.

Excellence is in our DNA.
We’re here if you need assistance with realigning your organizational structure, roles and reporting, or improving bid and contract management — or if you’re stressed by third- and fourth-generation outsourcing demands and cost-to-serve never-meet bid expectations. A&M is ideally placed to help, embedded within your team or simply as advisors. As your partner, we provide the resources and know-how to truly refine your business processes, reduce corporate overhead, standardize and improve critical processes, and increase EBITDA. Rely on us for unsurpassed service and unsurpassed results.