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The military structures and strategies that brought us to victory in the past are no longer as effective. We face a different kind of enemy on a different kind of front.

New battlegrounds.
Defense spending is down in the United States and much of Europe. Yet a resurgence in threats to global security, on the ground and in cyberspace, can translate to revenue growth for suppliers over the next few years. However, this transition from budget cuts to spiraling demand extends the risks from the front lines to your bottom line, and demands an exacting strategy.

The right stuff.
Flexibility, affordability and service are the lynchpins of success in the world of government contracting today. You’re often asked to do more with less, and risk-sharing contracts are on the rise. Our informed and motivated team guides you through this minefield of challenges. We pride ourselves on protecting product safety and quality ― and your bottom line and reputation.

Count on our proven lines of attack:

  • Performance improvement
    • Revenue enhancement, market segmentation, marketing and sales force effectiveness, TCO and operating models
    • Supply chain (including IT systems), operations (including shop floor / lean production) and procurement effectiveness (including direct price negotiation)
    • Back-office efficiency and outsourcing
    • Working capital and cost optimization
    • IT system program assurance and program rescue
  • Transaction advisory services 
    • Target screening
    • Operational due diligence
    • M&A support and post-merger integration / carve-out
  • Turnaround and restructuring
    • Critical assistance during times of underperformance and crisis
    • Interim management
  • Risk management
    • Supply chain, reputational and financial risk mitigation