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The record-high sales and backlog that you and other commercial aircraft manufacturers currently enjoy are the envy of most other market sectors. You’re in the midst of a perfect storm ― strong demand from emerging markets, accelerated replacement of existing fleets, and lower oil prices ― that is expected to prevail for the foreseeable future.

Too much of a good thing?
Demand must be met by supply, and a nearly twofold increase in production within a very compressed timeframe is a tall order. Add competition from Russia and the Far East, outdated IT systems, commoditization, a slow and fragmented supply chain, and cost control issues, and the challenge may seem unsurmountable.

We’ve always done it like that.
It’s tempting to build on the business model that has brought you so far. When ingrained processes have remained intact for many years, change is difficult. But new challenges demand new solutions.

Change for the good.
Entrepreneurial to the core, our independent thinkers and doers provide you with the perfect combination of the innovative and the tried and true. We’ll support you to make change happen and embed it into a strategy that ensures your success.

Rely on us for:

  • Performance improvement
    • Revenue enhancement, market segmentation, marketing and sales force effectiveness, TCO and operating models
    • Supply chain (including IT systems), operations (including shop floor / lean production) and procurement effectiveness (including direct price negotiation)
    • Back-office efficiency and outsourcing
    • Working capital and cost optimization
    • IT system program assurance and program rescue
  • Transaction advisory services 
    • Target screening
    • Operational due diligence
    • M&A support and post-merger integration / carve-out
  • Turnaround and restructuring
    • Critical assistance during times of underperformance and crisis
    • Interim management
  • Risk management
    • Supply chain, reputational and financial risk mitigation