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Risk management advisory: Maximize understanding, options and value

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Balancing risks and opportunities begins with a strong risk management function that increases understanding, provides options and adds value. We quickly assess your current function, identify opportunities for improvement and refocus resources to maximize returns, providing outsourced risk management resources as necessary.

We reduce your total cost of risk, including retained losses, insurance premiums and vendor service fees, and analyze each cost area to focus on the greatest opportunities. By benchmarking areas such as workers’ compensation losses and costs, insurance premiums, vendor fees and loss trends, we identify targets to achieve the highest returns.

Insurance is only one of the tools in the risk management toolbox. We look beyond this solution to find the best ways to manage risk exposures based on data and market knowledge.

Our Risk Management Advisory services include:

  • Outsourced Risk Management
  • Risk Management Function Review
  • Broker / Vendor Selection Support
  • Alternative Risk Review including Captive Feasibility
  • Merger and Acquisition Risk Management Planning and Organization
  • Claims Management Analysis and Process Improvement
  • Contract Review and Insurance Compliance Services
  • Insurance Cost Benchmarking and Total Cost of Risk Reduction