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Private equity, family office and high-net-worth individuals risk management advisory: Protect your wealth

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Private equity and family office investors face a range of risks as they evaluate, purchase, manage and divest of portfolio assets. Without proper focus, experience and resources, otherwise controllable risks can cause significant disruption, brand damage and financial loss.

We protect your people, assets and earnings by delivering leading risk management solutions with an independent perspective. Our focus goes beyond insurance products to an evaluation of key deal assumptions, financial expectations and contractual agreements that may impair or enhance deal outcomes. We help you understand risk variance and how it may impact deal strategies in order to reduce the chance of loss and increase financial performance. 

When you are confronted with emerging risks or solicited to purchase insurance products, we provide the unbiased advice you need to make confident decisions and remain protected.

  • Due Diligence and Deal Support
    • Quality of Earnings Impact Identification
    • Legacy Liability Risks and Coverage Gaps
    • Management Liability Continuity
    • Contractual review
  • Outsourced Risk Management Services
    • Broker and Vendor Selection and Management
    • Independent Coverage Review and Benchmarking
    • Market Intelligence and Best Practices
  • Post-Acquisition Planning and Total Cost of Risk Reduction
  • Transactional Insurance Support
    • Reps and Warranties Insurance
    • Tax Opinion
    • Environmental
    • Loss Portfolio Transfers
  • Cross Portfolio Risk Analysis and Quantification