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Enterprise risk management: Develop a system-wide view of risk

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Risk permeates every industry, every operational function and every aspect of business. Multi-directional Information flows across the company, among specific risk owners and up to senior management and the board which can help manage risk.

Enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies illuminate the relevancy and correlation of risk factors for business leaders and serve to inform management’s choices on related improvements. The result is a simple and sustainable system-wide view of risk that enhances value.

We use bespoke diagnostic methods and tools to assess and quantify risk, analyzing its likelihood, impact and underlying causes. Our dynamic process identifies correlations and maps how risk factors flow throughout your organization. We help you identify and implement risk-based strategies by:

Our ERM services include:

  • Enterprise risk identification, quantification, monitoring and reporting
  • Enterprise risk management framework, program and process assessment, and design and implementation
  • Regulatory and compliance advisory including heightened prudential standards and expectations, Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR), Dodd-Frank Act stress testing (DFAST) and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment
  • Quantitative analytics, risk evaluation and measurement as well as model development, review, and validation and risk thresholds
  • Risk incident evaluation, response and crisis management
  • Integrating risk management to company strategy, capital and liquidity planning as well as contingency management
  • Linking risk management with recovery and resolution planning and management