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Software & Technology Transaction Advisory

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Our dedicated Software and Technology professionals have extensive experience working with investors to make the right investment decisions. Our professionals collectively look at more than 100 software and technology companies each year, provide the “best in class” quality of earnings analyses and are subject matter experts in revenue recognition and revenue based analyses. 

Clients often turn to us early in the process to assist in building market standard renewal rate analyses, customer cohort analyses and gross margin profiles, which U.S. GAAP reporting standards do not address and can leave significant room for interpretation by sellers. We help investors and those new to the space adopt standardized, comparable metrics, beyond EBITDA, to evaluate potential investments and the performance of their portfolio companies.

Our professionals work with investors to help them understand the impact of upcoming changes to domestic and international accounting standards on software companies and SaaS providers, to help them avoid misinterpreting revenue trends when looking at potential investments or working with their portfolio companies. With the right industry expertise, A&M can help you maximize the value for every transaction and avoid post-transaction surprises.