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Emerging Companies: Federal Tax Services

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Emerging market companies most likely do not need a tenured tax department. However, emerging market management teams, Boards of Directors and external auditors must be confident in the ability of the company’s outsourced tax service provider to consistently identify and address all issues in an efficient and timely manner. For this reason, A&M is committed to focusing our time, energy and resources on this competency – income tax compliance services. We are dedicated to building a competent team to solidify the tax function for companies without the need for an internal tax department. As an emerging company, we at A&M are well versed in navigating the challenges and rewards of being a high growth company and can take on your company’s compliance responsibilities, to help enable you to perform your day-to-day task without the concern of tax deadlines. Our approach may be customized, however, would typically entail the following functions:

  • Tax Team: An established independent, proficient tax team covering all GAAP and Government tax compliance such as: Income tax provision (ASC 740), Uncertain tax positions (ASC 740-10), Internal controls (SOX), and Tax returns (IRS/State revenue agency);
  • Tax Provision Model: A perfected approach to the core tax provision model, incorporating all of the expanding domestic and foreign operations within our proprietary tax provision model that aims to facilitate management / auditor review via specialized summaries, referencing and diagnostics features;
  • Significant Differentiation: A&M’s proprietary model that has been customized and is significantly more tailored than typical “Big 4” commodity models, incorporate little to no management tools. Our model showcases calculations, flux analyses and other details specific to management needs;
  • Day-to-Day Interaction: A white glove approach that enables our clients to request meetings with partner attendance, call us day or night, weekday or weekend, and have comfort that we will be there and always answer the call. This white glove approach simply cannot be achieved with “Big 4” accounting firms.

The FASB ASC 740 service provider is often most familiar with a company’s tax positions and is best equipped to meet compliance needs efficiently and cost effectively. In addition to the synergies generated from preparing both the tax provisions and returns, we focus on the following areas in the compliance process:


We value our clients’ time, so we provide each of our clients with an experienced single point of contact who develops an information request tailored specifically to each company’s tax issues. The same team prepares the tax provision and return. This ensures that our clients can efficiently collect the necessary data without the hassle of broad, overwhelming data requests or repeated inquiries from various staff.


Our experience allows us to prepare returns with complex issues such as multiple consolidating entities and foreign reporting.  In order to ensure that management understands these issues and has adequate references for future consideration should the issues arise again, we conclude each tax compliance engagement with a company personnel meeting to review the return and discuss significant tax matters. We also provide our clients with copies of all tax returns and management summary schedules along with a memorandum detailing significant tax issues addressed in the returns.


Prior to the management meeting, we provide our clients with draft copies of the returns and summary schedules for their review. This allows them to be prepared and have checks available prior to the management meeting. We then hand deliver all returns for signing during the management meeting. Signed copies are then brought back to our offices where we scan all signature pages, checks and certified mailing labels for proof of payment and mailing. All returns are mailed from our offices for client convenience and to ensure all returns are filed accurately and timely. All returns and proofs of mailing are available on our secure online data room.

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