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Emerging Companies: Compensation & Benefits Services

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Emerging market companies often lack the internal resources to tackle the complex issues related to compensation, benefits and human resources. A&M has the technical expertise, while maintaining a practical approach, to help overcome these human resources-related hurdles. A properly structured compensation and benefits plan can help emerging companies focus employee behavior, and drive overall company success. Our firm can help you with all areas of compensation, benefits and human resources, including the following key services:
  • Human Resources Outsourcing: People are a company’s most valuable resource, and often times emerging market companies are hard-pressed for resources. We offer a full spectrum of outsourced human resources services which enables emerging market companies to focus on the core operations of the business, rather than worrying about the administrative, tax, and legal issues related to human resources.
  • Compensation Design: We help emerging market companies design compensation plans that attract top talent, while aligning the interests of employees with that of ownership. Often, emerging companies are faced with limited cash resources which can create challenges when trying to attract the talent needed for these companies to succeed. A well-designed compensation plan can be the catalyst to drive company success.
  • Equity Administration: Many emerging market companies provide significant equity awards to employees to help attract and retain talent. With the recent passage of Internal Revenue Code section 83(i), in the right circumstances, granting equity may provide even more benefit to employees than in prior years. However, the administrative burden on a company that is already running lean can be heavy. We can help emerging market companies navigate the administrative, tax, legal and accounting landscape to ensure their equity programs help drive success rather than create another hurdle.
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