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Compensation & Benefits Outsourcing

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People are a company’s most valuable resource. When one or more members of a team leaves, organizations can be hard-pressed for resources. We have professionals that can step in and provide immediate assistance while a long-term solution is identified. Our expertise with various payroll and service provider systems means that you will not have to worry about continuity gaps.

Additionally, our team of technical experts in compensation and benefits plan design and implementation allows your company to attract, motivate and retain top talent, ensures compliance, and mitigates administrative risk. Our services are completely customized to provide you with the ability to resolve issues efficiently.

Our compensation and benefits outsourcing solutions can include all or a combination of services including:

  • Payroll Administrative Support
  • Incentive Plan Administration
  • Equity Plan Administrative Support
  • Benefit Plan Administration
  • Compensation Plan Communications
  • Retirement Plan Reporting
  • Compensation Structure Administration
  • Employee Surveys
  • Employee Relations
  • Performance Reviews
  • Employee handbook update or creation, and rollout.