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Economic, damages and valuation disputes: Resolve legal disputes and mitigate losses

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During both favorable and challenging economic cycles, companies are exposed to financial risks as a result of legal disputes. Measuring their economic and valuation impact and the resulting damages requires sophisticated economic, financial and quantitative analysis.

We collaborate with client counsel to resolve legal disputes involving alleged economic loss and/or valuation issues. We assess each case on its individual merits and then prepare supportable expert reports to quantify or rebut economic loss or damages. We lead settlement negotiations, mediation and alternative dispute resolution, and work with you to achieve the most advantageous results.

We effectively communicate our expert opinions and support our analyses as expert witnesses in arbitrations, courts and tribunals.
Our professionals have successfully served as experts in many cases in U.S. and international arbitration and in local, state, federal and international courts. Our expert testimony experience includes quantifying lost profits, lost value, cost claims, disgorgement of revenue, and profits and other forms of financial damage.

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