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Advanced Data Analytics

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Helping you focus on your business problems by leveraging technology to uncover insights and make informed decisions. 

Competitive advantage and asset protection requires a holistic plan for managing data and leveraging it to make informed decisions. The trick is, how best to mine and synthesize data so that it adds meaning to your organization.

Data is your lifeline to successfully solving business challenges across your enterprise including:

  • Identifying potentially fraudulent activities

  • Working capital improvements

  • Workforce and organizational structure strategies

  • Conducting customer and financial due diligence

  • Developing profit-driven sales and marketing programs

  • Location and store footprint strategies

  • Budget optimization

  • Pricing optimization and elasticity

  • Reducing operational costs and procurement spend

  • Predicting non-performing loan default

  • Predicting customer churn

Our integrated team of data experts and industry specialists work closely with clients to effectively analyze large volumes of data and quickly extract meaningful insights using proprietary tools and advanced analytical methodologies. Visualizations and interactive dashboards identify issues and highlight the necessary practical actions.

Our Data Analytics services include:

  • Identification of key business applications and datasets
  • Data mining and manipulation of large datasets
  • Financial and operational modelling
  • Extraction, cleansing, reconciliation and blending of disparate data systems
  • Rapid interactive visualizations of findings and observations
  • Dashboard development and visualization, including online hosting
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Natural language processing, including sentiment analysis
  • Market segmentation and cluster analysis
  • Geographical information system / location analysis 
  • Network analysis