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Careful assessment to evaluate your IPO readiness and ensure alignment

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Transforming from a private to a public company presents various operational, accounting and financial reporting challenges. A&M professionals can perform a detailed current state assessment and provide actionable recommendations to ensure a clear path forward for transforming from a private to public company.

Our assessment focuses on the sufficiency of: accounting and reporting policies, processes and systems; accounting, finance and tax staff; financial statements and disclosures; and the internal control environment.

Throughout the IPO process and beyond, your company will be subject to greater scrutiny and regulatory reporting requirements that will require substantial effort to maintain. The most significant change is the requirement to close the books and file quarterly and annual financial statements on an accelerated timeline.

We help ensure the timeliness and accuracy of these filings by improving the financial reporting infrastructure, including strengthening the financial reporting team, selecting and implementing reliable technology, and building SOX and COSO compliant processes.

Unrestricted by audit-based conflicts, our team provides dedicated, hands-on resources throughout the IPO process — working with your management team, auditors, attorneys and underwriters to ensure quality, timely results without duplicating efforts. Our experienced team can help ensure the efficient execution of S-1 preparation and accuracy of the required complex disclosures. We also help management address issues raised in the audit, comfort letter and SEC review processes.