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Predictive Analytics

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A&M Global Transaction Analytics practice leverages advanced analytics methodologies to provide predictive and prescriptive analytics services to our clients across industries.

Our analytics capabilities include the use of statistical methods, machine learning algorithms, and interactive dashboards to facilitate dynamic scenario testing and forecasting.

We synthesize historical company data and third-party data where appropriate to analyze past trends and predict future outcomes. As part of our due diligence process, we also perform what-if scenarios which provide pre-acquisition insights on growth potential but also advises on post acquisition performance improvement initiatives.

Predictive analytics models enable us to answer questions including:

  • What are projected revenue and profitability based upon last three years of financial data?
  • What will be the impact to sales and profitability if we can reduce labor expenses by 5%?
  • What are the key factors affecting propensity for customer churn?
  • What is the projected collectability of outstanding payments based upon historical adjudication?

A&M GTA is focused on providing our clients with faster and deeper insights to support better-informed investment decisions.