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Email and internet scams promise recipients a job with a firm, typically in exchange for personal information. 

These “phishing” scams – attempts to gain personal information in order to commit bank or other fraud – are not official communications from Alvarez & Marsal (A&M). A&M does not request detailed personal information at the outset of a talent search.

Examples of phishing scams include:

  • An e-mail offering a "Virtual Administrative Assistant" role with "Alvares & Marsal" with a request for a social security number and bank account information in order to deposit an “advance” into the account
  • An e-mail targeted at college students offering a similar Administrative Assistant position and request for personal information or cash to “secure” the opportunity
  • An e-mail offering a job with A&M and a request to chat on Yahoo! Messenger or Windows Live

Other tip-offs of a scam:

  • The message has been sent from a free, non-A&M e-mail account (i.e., Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail)
  • Spelling and grammatical errors, especially the spelling of “Alvarez & Marsal”
  • Improper use of company trademarks; some websites have been made to look like the A&M website, but use a different firm’s name
  • Promise of quick financial gain

DO NOT respond or provide the requestor with any personal details. Alvarez & Marsal has not sponsored these messages, and the firm’s name, logo and / or trademarks are being used without permission.

Remember the old adage: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
If you have received a “phishing” scam message and would like to report it, please contact your email service provider, the job posting board or service, such as Craigslist, and If you have responded to a message and/or have provided any personal details, please contact local and/or federal authorities immediately.