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Alvarez & Marsal’s hands-on culture and operational heritage has defined us for 35 years. Over time, our clients’ problems have evolved and become more complex. We have introduced new service lines to help solve those problems, but our value-driven, solutions-oriented approach has and always will remain the same.


Our Operational Heritage


What A&M Professionals Are Saying:

Our operational expertise is at the heart of the firm’s transformation from a restructuring boutique to a professional services powerhouse. We have been recognized globally for our transaction, performance improvement, tax, regulatory and valuation consulting, and maintain our dominant position as a turnaround advisory leader.

Here at A&M, professionals at every stage of their career appreciate the firm’s commitment to objectivity and our entrepreneurial spirit. We continue to seek, work with and hire like-minded individuals around the world who share our core values and place our clients’ needs ahead of their own.  


“I would tell anyone looking to join A&M, we will throw you right in to swim, but you will not be swimming alone.”

- Fred Matteson, Managing Director

“My biggest learning at A&M has been make sure the client gets to the right answer, regardless of the route.”

- Mark Clevenger, Managing Director

“Joining A&M in 2006 as an intern was the best decision of my life.”

- Jared Stitz, Senior Director

“Thinking differently is not wrong.”

- Debra DiMarco, Senior Director

“What makes us unique is we have the right people in the right place. We are set up for success and can customize a solution.”

- Anthony Caporrino, Managing Director

“A&M in three words: we fix it.”

- Steffen Kroner, Managing Director

“We depend on the people who will roll up their sleeves and get it done.”

- Debra DiMarco, Senior Director

“Our culture is that of an operator. Front and center. It’s not a token statement. It’s lived.”

- Anthony Caporrino, Managing Director

“Leadership and mentorship were critical factors in my decision to join A&M. Those same factors are as important to me today as when I first started.”

- Mark Clevenger, Managing Director

“I have seen so many examples over the years where the firm sticks to its values internally and externally. I am very proud that in client situations we focus on doing the right thing for the long term benefit of the client.”

- Steffen Kroner, Managing Director


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