Paul Law
Senior Director
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22+ years of experience
Extensive track record in interim site leadership, operational turnaround, change management,cost improvement and operational excellence programs in a wide variety of industries
Serves multinational clients in U.K., Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas
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Paul Law is a Senior Director with Alvarez & Marsal’s Corporate Performance Improvement group in London.

He  has more  than 22  years’ experience  in Senior  Lean  Consulting  roles, Operations,  Manufacturing  Management  as well as Quality Engineering.  Mr. Law  also has an  extensive  track record  in interim  site leadership,  operational  turnaround,  change  management,cost improvement  and  operational  excellence  programs  in a wide  variety  of  industries.

He  has serviced  multinational  clients in U.K., Europe,  Middle  East, Asia and the Americas.In  his most recent assignment  Mr. Law  has been  leading  a multi-site turnaround  transformation  program  for  a private  equity clientwith key responsibilities of  operations  leadership  team  development  and  coaching, focussed  improvement  activity  initiatives  as well  as new  factory  design inclusive  of  material  sourcing  strategy and  material  flow.

Prior  to joining  Alvarez  & Marsal  Mr. Law  served  as Senior  Consulting  Director  for  @ingeniuslean  solutions. He  was responsiblefor  the design  and delivery  of  significant performance  improvement  programs  for  large  national  and  international  accounts. MrLaw  managed  the full project  lifecycle of  a comprehensive  strategic supply chain development  program  guiding  a  leading international  bespoke yacht manufacturer  to realise  significant  supply chain savings  as well  as setting up  a European  based centre of  excellence for  material  sourcing, sub assembly and  kitting systems as part  of a five year  strategy plan.Other  assignments include  a global  consulting leader  for  a tier 1 supplier  of  self piercing  rivets  for  the automotive  industry with major  manufacturing  facilities and design  offices  in the U.K., USA, Australia  and Germany  where  Mr Law  led the team responsiblefor  developing  a bespoke operating  system and  the subsequent  deployment  and  focussed improvement  activity resulting  in a global  operating  standard,  inventory  reduction  >$8mil, 30% growth  via  new  plant optimisation and  a >20% reduction  in lead-time.

Before  this Mr. Law  held  a directors  position for  an international  management  consulting  group  with his primary  responsibilityguiding  the CFO  of  a major  oil & gas client to developing  and  deploy  a best in class shared  service  centre  for  finance  and contracts & procurement  directorates,  leading  an internal  and consulting  team responsible  for  a project  surplus cost reduction program  with direct  savings  to the client of $28mil.   Mr Law  started his career  in management  consulting  in 2005  as senior  associate for  consulting group  advising  and  supporting  the strategic health authority  in the UK focussed  on the design  and delivery  of  governmental  legislated improvement  initiatives  for regional  healthcare  trusts, he also supported  cross functional  projects with regional  trusts and  pharmaceutical  companies.

Prior  to that Mr.Law  held  supervisory  and management  positions in the automotive  industry as well as serving  time as a certifiedsix sigma black belt whilst a member  of  the quality engineering  department,  he was  an integral  part  of the team  that developed  alean  learning  academy  that became the global  standard  for  this particular  automotive  company, he also served  as a Royal Engineer  in the British Army.

Mr. Law  earned  a Master’s degree  in Quality Engineering  from  the Ford  Motor Company/Jaguar  partnership  with Bradford University,  he is also a certified  Six Sigma black belt having  achieved  his accreditation  via  the Ford  consumer  driven  six sigmaprogram.  Mr.Law  is also a member  of  the amalgamated  union  of engineering  workers. 

He  is UK national  and  fluent  in English.