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August 3, 2018

A fundamental shift from Boomers to Millennials, a shrinking middle class, fluctuating GDP growth and technological change – any one of these factors challenge companies’ ability to drive profitable growth. Today’s executives must deal with all of them simultaneously, while facing significant disruption driven by digital and non-traditional business models. 

Optimizing Growth: Predictive and Profitable Strategies to Understand Demand and Outsmart Your Competitors details four critical success factors for driving growth and the questions business leaders across industries must address to achieve them.

  1. Build internal business reviews around the common demand framework: 
    • How are we performing with our most profitable and important consumers?
    • What are our marketing and sales plans to improve performance?

    • What new initiatives should we consider?

    • How should resources be (re)deployed?

  2. Incorporate the new demand framework into customer business reviews:
    • Is the retailer gaining share with the targeted consumers?
    • Which shopper segments are causing category leakage to competitors?

    • What in-store initiatives will increase conversion and improve trends?

  3. Require all internal functions and external partners to use the common demand framework:
    • Do offers and experiences align with the demands of the most attractive consumer segments?
    • Does creative align with consumer segment motivations?
    • Does media buy align with consumer segment behaviors?

    • Does investment/spend have the highest ROI with target consumers?

  4. Make the demand framework a core part of investor communications:
    • Communicate business plans through new frameworks.
    • Attribute success to new insights.
    • Link new investments to new demand model.

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