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Integrated Demand and Supply Planning

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As market competition continues to intensify around the globe, companies with highly developed demand and supply planning capabilities will start to distinguish themselves by consistently meeting customer requirements. Often referred to as Sales and Operations Planning, Integrated Demand and Supply Planning represents a more holistic approach that requires a cross-functional process of effectively matching demand requirements with supply capabilities, in order to achieve service levels and inventory targets while successfully managing supply chain risks.

Call us when:

  • You can’t consistently meet your customers’ expectations for lead time and service levels.
  • You have too much, too little or the wrong inventory.
  • Your supply chain cost to serve is growing faster than revenue.
  • Your organization is not aligned to develop and execute against a single business plan.
  • Your assets are not effectively utilized to maximize return on invested capital.
  • You are unsure if you are using the right tools or technologies to support business needs and strategic plans.
  • You want to determine how to better leverage the supply chain to drive a competitive advantage.
  • Your poor forecasting causes supply chain disruptions.

A&M works with you to ensure information clearly and intentionally flows across departments, with the goal of optimally utilizing capital and resources to meet customer requirements.