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Litigation & Dispute Valuation

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Disputes over the value of a business or other ownership interests are sometimes unavoidable. The accurate assessment of economic impact, value and damages in these legal matters often depends on sophisticated analytic, economic, financial and quantitative analysis.

A seasoned and successful team.
Our respected professionals have served as experts in litigation, arbitration and mediation in local, national and international courts of law. We have quantified damages for loss of business value, disputed business value, corporate and securities claims, labor and employment disputes, and lost profits in matters that have successfully resolved in and out of court.

Our independent and objective written reports and verbal testimony reinforce your legal position through case assessment strategies, expert reports that quantify economic loss or damages, settlement negotiations and alternative dispute resolution, and economic evidence. We support you and your attorneys as they seek to resolve disputes involving the valuation of a business, business interest, or a tangible or intangible asset or liability.

Engage our experts for:

  • Business disputes, including enterprise valuations, shareholder conflicts, contractual disputes, diminution of value claims, purchase price disputes and damage calculations
  • Insurance claims on both business and asset values.
  • Tax-related conflict (litigation in the U.S. Tax Court, litigation planning and fast track appeals)
  • Solvency analysis (retrospective)
  • Marriage dissolutions

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