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May 4, 2015

In merely a decade, digital innovation has taken the communications industry by storm.  Individuals and business users alike have seen their communications repertoire evolve with high-speed broadband, Cloud-support and smart technologies. They are also benefiting from novel ways in which to engage with media content, for example, live-streaming TV shows and events.

Striking the right balance between fair competition and effective regulation in such rapidly-evolving markets is a veritable challenge for industry regulators and competition authorities alike.  Likewise, entities conducting business around the world must stay abreast of changing policies and the shifting terrain to gain a clear understanding of their service provider options.

In this issue of Action Matters, A&M Managing Director Tasneem Azad, examines a number of the issues by reference to the UK landscape, a recently announced strategic review by Ofcom (the country’s media and communications regulator), expected investment plans of the firms involved and notable consolidation activity in the sector.

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